Tanya Adams worked for me at Community Actors Theatre as a freelance writer. She was responsible for the layout, writing, and copying of the programs, flyers, registration forms and for our monthly newsletters. She was a very Dependable, Responsible, Creative Freelance Writer, and was always willing to help in any way she could. – Jennie Hamilton, Executive Director, Community Actors Theatre (C.A.T.)

Tanya is a very talented and creative writer. She wrote three grant proposals for our school projects. All three were granted funding. Hamilton is a school that offers a number of social services to our student population and the larger community. Tanya wrote and crafted a modular brochure that creatively advertised our school-site services. I valued Tanya so much as a writer that I hired her to write several speeches for me that were well-received. It’s difficult to find a writer who can adapt her style to different types of writing. Tanya is the writer who can do that. I would not hesitate to use her writing talents again in the future.  – Carrie Peery, Principal (ret), Hamilton Elementary School

 Tanya has always had a love for writing and is an excellent writer. She will be an asset to anyone seeking a writer, editor or copywriter. – Yolanda Moore, GCMP,  Meeting & Conference Planning Professional

Tanya’s excellent writing and editing skills helped our division’s written product maintain a professional quality. – Becky Burns, Director of Operations, Motels of America (Hospitality Industry Consulting)

 Tanya adapted her writing style for television very quickly and demonstrated a keen sense of awareness regarding the medium. Not only was her writing consistent, but she added a fresh approach to each assignment. – Pamela Fairmont, Producer, KUSI-TV

As a script analyst for our development department, Tanya was an enthusiastic and intelligent reader with a broad knowledge of story structure. Tanya was extremely reliable with deadlines and proved to be one of our most valuable analysts. – Melanie Backer, VP Development, Picturemaker Productions